Who I AM….

I am one of FOURTEEN children the last girl of eight, with SIX amazing brothers. Growing up my dreams were small, I would be a fashion designer, then have children, and use my creative mind to create a beautiful space for them to call HOME. I originally went to school for Fashion Design, Merchandizing, andContinue reading “Who I AM….”

Blush Blush Blush

Pink hues are not for girls anymore. They add a wealth of warmth and comfort to any interior space…. use it wisely, and remember, never be afraid of what was considered a woman’s tone….. PINK……..

Loving Home

Home should be your sanctuary. Home should be a solace a type of peace, and also an elegance that shows who you are, what your about. Being in a space that makes you happy that makes you calm, and that makes you feel safe.

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